How CompuRead Solves Reading Problems and Why it is the Superior Program

One Hundred Years of Exhaustive Research


The authors have researched over one hundred years of reading instruction to find the most effective methods ever taught. The authors of The CompuRed Program have stood on the shoulders of those men and women who pioneered the phonetic method and have used the cream of those techniques. Many reachers throughout the writing of The CompuRed Program have contributed their most successful reading lessons.


Before The CompuRead Program was written the authors asked superintendents, supervisors, resource, classroom, preschool teachers and parents what they would want if they could have a perfect reading program.  The CompuRead Program is written to solve the problems they presented. Two of the questions asked were, “In your experience why can’t children read?” and “What are the needs of today’s children.” Our own seventy-five years of combined teaching and learning all information published as to why too many children have difficulty with English was directly in line with those teachers and parents.


Below are reasons educators say why children have reading problems and how The CompuRead Program solves these problems.


1. Prepares the Student both Academically and Socially


Many children stumble through school at the bottom of the class. This unhappy school experience is absolutely unnecessary! The child can be taught early in life to face kindergarten prepared and confident. The guidebook Early Intervention Techniques for the Prevention of Dyslexia in 15 Minutes a Day - Birth to Age Five, teaches the parent or teacher exactly how to prepare a child for kindergarten and to have the child ready both academically and socially. The guidebook also prepares the parent or guardian how to talk with confidence and be an equal with the kindergarten teacher.


2. Provides Outstanding Reading Skills Prior to Entering Kindergarten


There is no need for entering a child into kindergarten without adequate skills. As outlined in the above guidebook, The CompuRead Program gives the parent or teacher, in a highly organized manner, exact guidance on just how to prevent reading problems in a young child.


Many children come to school not knowing how to make even one letter. They don’t know left from right and many other directional references. The habit of incorrect directionality of a, b, d, s, (the most often confused and reversed letters) is so engrained into the child’s mind it could be the entire year before some children learn b from d and other letters.


To remedy this lack of preparation, the kindergarten teacher has the following options available in her school.


1) To refer the child to the Resource Room where he/she is likely to stay during his entire school life. If the child confuses letters in writing, he will likely confuse letters in reading. 

2) To keep the child in kindergarten another year. 

3) Send the child on to first grade confused and with fewer skills that are needed for academic success.


3. Instructional Reading Presentation To a Child


The CompuRead Program shows the parent or teacher exactly how, in easy “unteachery” language, just how to present the alphabet—how to present the sounds of the vowels and consonants. In short, it tells the teacher or parent how to teach with fun and knowing what, how and indeed why the teaching is done in a certain way.

The CompuRead Program is presented in a minute step-by-step manner enabling the student to progress at their own individual rate. It's never confined to a time limit of weeks or months.


There are many parents who have gone through The CompuRead Program that say, “Why didn’t my teacher teach me like this?  I didn’t know why I was doing anything.  I just did it. I know how reading works now.”


4. Everything is Contained in the Workbook and CD

CompuRead teaches everything that's needed to teach a child how to read. Every skill the student needs to know is there from Level 1 - Story 1 through Level 6 - Story 12, with one skill building upon another, for both the child and teacher to learn. In fact, at the end of Level 6, the teacher will have as much knowledge and know the many skills pertaining to reading English as a college course in teaching reading. Through The CompuRead Program, the teacher and student are in control. Extensive teacher education is not necessary. The entire program is contained within the student's workbook and on CD. No need for teacher credentialing year after year.

5. Complete Narration for the Student and Teacher


CompuRead had tackled this head on. Every word in The CompuRead Program is narrated; the main idea, stories, questions, answers, pre and post story activities - everything. The child now hears every word. His vocabulary grows with words and thoughts of which he now has access through broadcast quality voice narration.


There are directions embedded within the stories for the teacher. These directions called Student/Teacher Talk tell the teacher and student why a particular skill is being taught. The page is narrated and the student learns right along with the teacher. You can be assured both the student and teacher are on the “same page.”


6. Oral Expression in Child Development


Many children are frightened of speaking in front of a group and have a difficult time expressing themselves. A child is fortunate who can express his opinion as to the running of his own life or the events of his home. By using The CompuRead Program, the child is provided with hundreds of opportunities for oral expression. This begins before he starts into kindergarten and progresses through to the 6th grade. Every page in The CompuRead Program has questions from the story to be answered orally.


The authors are deeply aware that success in life depends to a great extent upon the ability to speak well with confidence before an audience.


7. Progression and Learning – The CompuRead Certificate of Completion


The child needs to know what he is learning and how he is progressing. CompuRead’s Certificate of Completion reviews every skill taught in The CompuRead Program.  As the child learns that skill, it is checked off by the teacher - in front of the student - and each knows that particular skill is learned. If the child forgets the skill later on, that skill on The Certificate has a complete outline of the story and the student can quickly review the skills as needed. 


When all the skills of the story are learned, both the teacher and child sign at the bottom of The Certificate and it is proudly taken home.  The parent now knows all the skills necessary that their child had to learn to complete the story and earn The Certificate.  Both the child and parent will be proud of the accomplishment! The Certificate will likely be sent around the world to many aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers.


8. Learning in a Highly Organized Manner


Every elementary classroom teacher knows that her class is divided into abilities such as:


1) one or two who can read on a high school level.  If the books were written upside down in Chinese, they would still learn,

2) three or four reading a few grades above grade level,

3) the bulk of the class is reading a little above or on grade level and

4) sadly enough, some students are below grade level and four or five children are several grades below. 


Those youngsters who are far below grade level, are the ones who have a difficult time in learning as other children do. These youngsters need organized learning-- to be taught in a highly organized method such as in The CompuRead Program. These little folks never know where their papers or their pencils are; they never know what’s going on in the classroom; their homework is seldom complete and their desks are a mess. These children need organization. Indeed, all the children above need organization and The CompuRead Program has accomplished that. 


The CompuRead Program is excellent training for the gifted student as well as the struggling. From prekindergarten to the 6th grade, The CompuRead Program presents every skill in minute sequential steps. Yes, every story, skill, activity is in the same format with one skill organized to build upon a higher skill. There is complete organization from the first story to the last one. The child feels in control. The teacher feels in control.


9. Every Story Contains Learning with Substance

Children need to read stories that teach and stories that contain substance. Every story in The CompuRead Program has a character-building theme starting from the first story and continuing for sixty-eight stories to the end of Level 6.  The following are a few of the main ideas:


  • I Will Be Aware of Others’ Feelings
  • I Will Help Be Responsible For the Environment
  • I Will Help Be Responsible For Younger Family Members
  • I Will Be Aware That Everyone Needs a Friend
  • I Will Take Responsibility for Wrongdoing
  • I Will Be Honest When It Is Hard to be Honest
  • I Will Appreciate All I Have at Home
  • I Will Be Tolerant of Others
  • I Will Not Be Afraid to Use My Talents
  • I Will Keep My Promises
  • I Will Help Others to Succeed
  • I Will Have Faith In Myself
  • Earning a Living Is Hard
  • I Will Curb My Temper
  • “Free” Things Come With a Price
  • When You Know You Are Right, Stick To It
  • Rules Are To Be Kept
  • The Choices We Make Now Will Be With Us For a Lifetime


Contributors to The CompuRead Program have mentioned that humor, songs, games, tongue twisters, puzzles and jokes help to make a dream reading program. These have been included in most every story to oil the springs with laughter and fun. 


10. The CompuRead Program Can Follow the Student


With The CompuRead Program there is no reason for the parent or child to think he/she will be in strange and unfamiliar lessons when the family moves. The CompuRead Program will be waiting on the school’s computer when he arrives at the new school to continue seamlessly. If the new school does not have The CompuRead Program, you can request it through the teacher and school’s principal.


11. The Importance of Parents in Child Development


If The CompuRead Program is being taught in a school and there is a computer in the home, the teacher, student and parent are very aware of what the student is learning. The parent and child can study together. Progress in reading and other skills in The CompuRead Program are quickly and confidently accomplished. Parent-Teacher conferences are easily outlined as the teacher and the parent knows what to expect. As stated before, they are on the same page.

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