Purposes of CompuRead

The Purpose of CompuRead is...

  • to reduce the possibility of directional confusion in reading, writing and spelling.

  • to present the skills of the English Language in a minutely organized step-by-step sequence.

  • to facilitate early discovery of the dyslexic student and to provide the necessary help for prevention.

  • to enable the child who demonstrates an early interest in reading the opportunity to listen, read, write, spell and comprehend.

  • to teach the English Language with as much continuity as it allows.

  • to emphasize comprehension skills in the story and accompanying picture beginning with the student's first reading experience.

  • to present the more sophisticated comprehension skills enabling the gifted dyslexic student who may have a limited visual memory for words but who may possess a high verbal vocabulary to delve deeply into the comprehension of the stories. These same comprehension skills also serve well any high functioning and gifted student.

  • to reinforce the phonetically structured stories with humorous articulation poems and songs, relevant science concepts and enjoyable enrichment activities designed to bring a broader meaning to the stories; for a foundation to further reading.

  • to present the necessary and most used sight words with as many phonetic elements as possible within these sight words that also appear within the words and vocabulary in the stories.

  • to present the most used derivatives from the phonetic and sight word vocabulary. Each word has derivatives to make the student aware of the many words derived from the limited vocabulary in the stories and activities.

  • to make the reading process available to all who wish to teach or learn the basic and logical foundation of the English Language.

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