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CompuRead is divided into Six Levels corresponding to school grades K-6 , e.g., Level 1 is designed for Kindergarten and 1st grade, Level 2 for 2nd grade, etc., through the 6th grade.


CompuRead recommends starting just about any student with Level 1, (kindergarten/1st grade) even though they may be in the 3rd grade or even higher. Most likely the reason for their inability to successfully read with comprehension is they missed out or did not understand the necessary concepts while in kindergarten.


Depending on the individual student's reading ability at the time they begin working with CompuRead, we recommend beginning with Level 1. This will reintroduce the student to the critical tasks necessary for a successful reading experience and will give them the background to quickly move forward until the more challenging reading assignments and activities are encountered.


If this happens to be your student's circumstances, you might want to begin with ordering Level's 1 through 3 with the corresponding Supplementary Workbooks. A great help to your student would also be our Phonics Wall Charts DVD which presents most every phonetic element in the English language in audio/visual form.


We're here to assist your child or student along your way to reading success and if you have any questions, please call our customer support team at the numbers listed on our website.

Early Intervention Techniques for the Prevention of Dyslexia in 15 Minutes a Day - Birth to Age Five - $40.00

An early childhood and preschool guidebook designed for the prevention of dyslexia and reading problems.  Your child or gandchildren need all the help they can get to start life out right. The world is a competitive place, and its becoming more so every day. Hundreds of thousands of preschoolers and kindergarten children enter the public and private school system every year, with most of them being "clueless" as to what's going on around them or how to handle a given situation. Through our 189 page Early Intervention guidebook, your child will enter kindergarten with the correct directionality and placement of lower and upper case letters in writing, have and excellent understanding and knowledge of letter sounds. Our guidebook enhances intellectual and cognitive ability and contains hundreds of other techniques on how to prepare your child (and yourself!) for kindergarten. It sends your child into the outside world ready to look forward and be confident in his or her new and exciting adventure of kindergarten. This guidebook is written for the parents and teachers of small children to prevent dyslexia throught early intervention. A must for any parent with 5 year old!

What I Wish I Had Known My First Year of Teaching - $22.00

Learn from dozens of teachers, phychologists, social workers, parents and administrators in hundreds of ways of solid teaching ideas. This indespensible 100 page guidebook contains what was not taught in college.


This is a book for parents, teachers, principals and superintendents on what it means to be a teacher.  It’s specifically designed for the professional educator and will enhance any teaching career.


This guidebook outlines ways to make teaching a joy for you, your students, parents and your principal. Its contents covers 18 sections on such topics as; 1) teacher organization, 2) curious about many subjects, 3) a teacher is articulate, 4) how to recycle castoffs, 5) classroom discipline, plus hundreds of other subjects waiting for you to discover how you can enhance your professional teaching career. Learn about; how students size you up, how to have a great sence of humor, how to speak before your students, tell a story, what your principal dislikes, using self control, plus much, much more!


This is a volume of solid teaching ideas and the best advice of seasoned and successful teachers in many situations. These skills and strategies were observed, discussed, practiced and honed by dozens of educators during the careers of the authors.


If you're looking to make the most of your teaching career, this is the guidebook you need.

The CompuRead Teacher's Manual - $22.00

A printed and easy to reference spiral bound manual, The CompuRead Teacher’s Manual is a companion volume to our multisensory reading program. It's full of needed insights and detailed instructions for the teacher and designed to provide the needed teaching methods and techniques needed in today's classroom. It provides authoritative, step-by-step and highly organized background information on the overall structure of The CompuRead Program.


Its thirteen sections and 177 pages provide detailed teaching expertise in language development, teacher preparation, phrases, speech and language skills development, genres and written skills development, poems and rhyming, CompuRead's innovations, dyslexic learners, detailed background on comprehension for the written word and art, physical and social development, math skills, music, rhythm and art, directionality and handedness, time orientation, parent/teacher conferences and home learning, plus much, much more.

This manual is a critical and highly informative part of CompuRead.

The CompuRead Reading, Writing and Spelling Workbook Stories - $25.00 - $35.00 each, depending on the individual workbook.

The CompuRead Workbook Stories can be purchased as, 1) an individual story, 2) as a set of 10-12 workbooks on a per level basis or, 3) as a complete program. Please email or call for assistance to determine what your reading education needs might be. Our experts can guide you every step of the way. All workbooks include their companion CD. Quantity discounts available.

Our Reading - Writing - Spelling Workbooks are a series of 68 workbooks designed for Pre-K through the 6th grade and contains everything that’s needed for each learning session. Included with each workbook, is:

1. The Spiral bound and Printed Reading - Writing - Spelling Workbook. Each workbook contains the exact material needed for the planned learning sessions and takes the student concept-by-concept and point-by-point through a fun filled experience in learning how to read with confidence. Each concept is then followed by the next series workbook and builds upon the student's learning from the previous workbook. As the student progresses through each Level and Workbook, critical reading skills are learned, enabling the student to actually excel in the reading process.


2. The Companion CD. The student can follow along in the printed workbook and view on the computer's monitor and listen to the exact narration using the speakers or headphones. Broadcast quality audio provides the student with an outstanding reading and learning experience.

3. The CompuRead Teacher's Manual in PDF - a $22.00 value. 


As a service to our teachers and parents, we've included The CompuRead Teacher's Manual on each CD of each Level and story. However, it's much more convenient to reference the printed copy. We recommend purchasing the printed Teacher's Manual.


By using the computer and printed workbook together, the student can learn from both print and digital media and provides the student with the opportunity to learn hundreds of new words and ideas.

The workbooks are expendable and contain all the activities the learner needs to write in and on, cut out, draw and color in… in other words to use for learning. The digital and printed workbooks are specifically designed to work perfectly together. There's no multiple parts and other pieces to keep track of what's easily lost in the home or classroom.


The CompuRead program is an excellent language resource for any ESL program.

The CompuRead stories starts with Level 1 - Story 1 Tad, and progressively continues with 67 additional stories through the sixth grade. Each story contains the skills of reading such as phonics, comprehension, spelling, writing and listening. Post story activities are also included to solidify the learning and immediately follow each story. The stories are also written to teach a young student character development concepts.


Our CompuRead workbook series program reduces directional confusion in children, prepares the child for kindergarten and beyond, presents the English language with exact continuity, assists parents with early intervention to prevent reading problems, presents phonemic awareness, teaches personal character building for all students, plus much, much more! 

As each skill in the story is completed, the Certificate of Completion, bound in the back of each workbook, is checked off by the teacher and student. When the story is finished both the student and teacher sign the Certificate that shows the work has been completed with fluency. 

Included with each workbook, is the companion CD whereby the student can follow along in the printed workbook and view on the computer's monitor and listen to the exact narration using the speakers or headphones. Broadcast quality audio provides the student with an outstanding reading and learning experience.


Level 1 contains such stories as Tad - I Will Think of Others's Feelings, (short /a/, c, d, s, f, t) Jag-a-Jag - I Will Help Others by Making Work Seem Like Play, (j, g), Sid and the Fig - I Will be Kind When I Train My Pet, (short /i/, h, l), Tin Man Pat in a Pit - I Will Keep a Careful Lookout to Avoid Accidents, (r, n, m, p), plus many other stories and value themes contained within each workbook's story.



Level 2 contains such stories as; Where are the Tags? - Awareness of Laws that Protect Pets, (/wh, ph/, The Big Surprise - I Will be Especially Thoughtful of the Ill (/th/ voiced), Pretty Beth - I Will Think Before I Make a Decision that Could be Foolish (/th/ unvoiced), What Is a Singular and Plural - Everyone Needs One Special Friend (voiced and unvoiced /th/), Biff and Chad and the Igloo - Sometimes Plans Don't Turn Out as Anticipated, But Can Be Enjoyed Anyway (/ch/ sound and blend, beginning and ending), plus many other character building stories children and parents love to read.


The series continues for six levels and each story contains all the needed material to teach a child to read well. Download the complete Story Elements Listing.


Learn about The Complete CompuRead Program

Phonics Wall Charts - Complete Set of Printed and 3 CDs - $180.00

CompuRead has and excellent way for students to greatly improve their phonics skills through Wall Charts. We offer a complete set of 147, 8 ½ x 11 inch beautifully illustrated and phonetically oriented printed wall charts representing nearly every sound in the English Language. The Wall Charts vocabulary words are from 1st to the 6th grade. 


The CompuRead Wall Charts teach; consonants, short vowels and blends, prefixes and suffixes, digraphs, long vowels and word endings. The CompuRead Wall Charts make teaching the English language easy, highly organized and lots of fun.


Our Wall Charts are designed to be used daily and to be displayed around the classroom or home for years of durability for your classroom or home use. The Wall Charts are an excellent addition to any home school or public or private classroom.

Each Wall Chart contains dozens of words specific the the letter and sound being introduced. These Wall Charts can be used in many creative ways including: 1) Learning sounds by sight, 2) hear all the words on the DVD, 3) learn "big" words, 4) used for spelling lessons, 5) learning a particular word or letter sound, 6) alphabetizing letters and words, 7) vocabulary study, 8) story starter words, 9) acting out words, 10) art models for projects, use for accurate drawing, 11) words that rhyme, plus many more.


Included with the printed Wall Charts are our Digital Wall Charts on CD as shown below...

Digital Wall Charts - Set of 3 CDs

Our CD Wall Charts provide an excellent method to teach the phonetic structure of the English language.

Consonants, Short Vowels and Blends

Included with the printed Wall Charts is the Digital 3 CD series of fully narrated and illustrated Wall Charts designed to be viewed and listened to on the computer and speakers. 

Digraphs, Long Vowels and Word Endings

Through the CD a student can easily hear the audio and see the words on the computer screen thereby easily associating the proper phonetic pronunciation with the word. 

Prefixes and Suffixes

This set of 3 CDs is a must for every classroom; public, private and home school, including all ESL programs. These DVDs are highly organized and easy to use and can be replayed many times for student subject mastery.

Hand Writing Audio/Visual DVD - $30.00

This easy to use Manuscript and Cursive HD video presentation is a great way to teach proper handwriting for both manuscript and curvise letters.


This video is NOT computer generated and demonstrates how the letters are placed within a Structured Line Set (SLS, Top, Middle and Bottom Lines).

Can be easily viewed by student many times to ensure accuracy of hand writing.


Included broadcast quality audio further enhances the audio/visual presentation for the student.


Can be used for an entire class presentation via LCD projector or by individual student for one-on-one instruction. Ideal for classroom seat work.


Each letter video presentation segment averages 30 seconds in length.

An invaluable education product for any home, private or public school.

Manuscript and Cursive Letter Writing Directions CD - $15.00

CompuRead has produced a very effective way to teach the alphabet letters using our Structured Line Set (Top, Middle and Bottom Lines) in both Manuscript and Cursive for the entire English language alphabet.


These PDF files can be printed on your local printer, as many times as needed, to produce practice sheets on any letter in the alphabet. Each practice sheet contains the Long and Short Writing Directions for each letter and explains exactly how to make these letters. This is an excellent activity for classroom seat work for any grade from Kindergarten through the 6th grade. No school should be without CompuRead’s Letter Writing Directions.

CompuRead Mingle Games - $15.00 each

Teachers all over the country are continuously looking for ways to help their students in constructive and meaningful ways. CompuRead has solved this by publishing our “Mingle Games” series that provides hundreds of games and activities a teacher and classroom can easily interact with and constructively work together and have lots of fun at the same time.  A great reference manual when you’ve got to put an activity together in a hurry. Does this sound like part of your day!

The Mingle Games series contains the following separate manuals...

Mingle Games - Pre School through Grade 1

Includes such activities as; many and varied songs and poems to help teach the sounds withing CompuRead, games that require simple and easy to locate materials such as bean bags, jars, ping pong balls, rulers, stop watch, hawaiian music, soft balls of any size, objects in a box or bag, flannel board games, magnetic games, plus a lot more.


Mingle Games - Grades 2 through 6

Visual and auditory games; Remember Me, Take Along, Do as You're Told, Sentence Sleuth, Lead Part, Jig Saw Puzzles, Sentence Match, Sorting It Out, Mixed Up Sentences, Alliterate, Sound Words, Rule Match, What's the Mood, plus, many, many more!


These volumes are what every teacher needs.

Mingle Games For Faculty Fun--We couldn’t write Mingle Game Books without including some fun games for faculty parties that are just plain silly. We all need to get the kinks out with some good laughs.


I'm sure you recall the last time you needed a quick activity and were out of immediate ideas. With the CompuRead Mingle Games series, you'll always have an outstanding activity close at hand.

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