Innovations in CompuRead

The CompuRead Multisensory Program also has over 35 innovations designed directly into the program. The program is completely contained in its printed 8 1/2 x 11 workbook and companion CD. Supplementary digital and printed instruction materials are also available on other CDs and DVDs.


The CompuRead Multisensory Program features phonics, comprehension, character-building stories and values, along with speaking, spelling, writing, language and listening skills from birth and pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. These skills are incorporated together into one complete program.

The CompuRead Multisensory Program can be comprehensively taught by aides, volunteer senior citizens, classroom and resource teachers, parents or teenagers. Every word to teach the child is outlined in layman's language so both teacher and students are aware of the teaching process.



In summary, The CompuRead Multisensory Program is complete, robust and designed to teach reading effectively via CD/DVD and printed materials. It begins on a basic level, progressing step-by-step, introducing the needed reading organization sequentially and is easily understood by all. It is easily managed, administered and highly controlled for every student’s learning abilities and progression. The CompuRead Multisensory Program goes far beyond the regular classroom reading instruction and provides the student with an outstanding vocabulary beyond what is taught in the mainstream or private school classroom. CompuRead is committed to outstanding reading excellence for every child.

Download the Innovations in CompuRead document here.


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