How CompuRead Benefits all Students

CompuRead is a very unique instructional reading program.



It excels at providing a minute and highly organized program for every child to read to his or her potential. Adults who missed the experience of reading may also benefit.



Whether your students come under the category of Educable Mentally Challenged, Slow Learner, Low Average, Average, High Average, Learning Disabled, Gifted, Phonetically Challenged, Slightly Dyslexic, Severely Dyslexic or Gifted Dyslexic, he or she deserves the opportunity to know the beauty and logic taught step by step of the English Language.



CompuRead benefits the student's abilities by providing...



   - Preschool and kindergarten programs can benefit by the early discovery of the dyslexic student and to provide the necessary program, to discover the early student who can master the lessons and progress quickly.

   - The first grade dyslexic and existing school programs for the slow student in beginning reading

   - Parents and grandparents teaching in home situations preparing the child for kindergarten parent groups interested in learning disabilities

   - Teachers and parent volunteers in resource rooms

   - A beginning or experienced teacher in regular or mainstream schools, working with the gifted, the gifted nonreader, average and slow-learning students in the primary and intermediate grades.

   - Teach the foundation and logic of the English Language to students traveling at a faster pace

   - The adult nonreader who failed the traditional reading experience.



   - At the university level for initial training as a text in the basics of reading education for students preparing to teach reading in the primary and intermediate grades.

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